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  1. The key to maximizing performance in milling is to eliminate tool point variations, whether that comes from vibration, runout or imbalance. Equal cutting teeth cut faster and last longer. Simple as that. One of the best and easiest ways to remove several sources of tool point variation is to use Hi-Torque Retention Knobs from J-M. We have tested thousands of tool assemblies and the vast majority have over torqued pull studs that have created taper distortion and ultimately run-out. J-M’s new design solves this problem by reaching further down the threads where the taper is thicker. We have tested them in our lab and can see the difference.

    Dave Barton, BlueSwarf

    Side Note from J&M Machine:
    The following is Dave Barton’s short biography:
    Dave Barton has over 25 years of experience in the metalworking and machining fields. He founded BlueSwarf in the Silicon Valley in 2002, moving it to Penn State University’s Innovation Park at the end of that year. Mr. Barton was chosen as one of the six original partners of National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining. Mr. Barton earned a BS from Arizona State University. Barton co-authored “Servization of the Cutting Tool Supply Chain” with Dr. Vittal Prabhu and Dr. Chen-Yang Cheng for the International Journal of Production Research. Mr. Barton was named the E.V. Bishoff Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Pennsylvana State University.

  2. Brilliant stuff! Your article is really good, Im glad you took the time to share it.Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  3. One of my customers was having problems with a new collet-type toolholder. I had gone to an ISA trade show and met Dick Brimer from J&M Machine Inc. He was demonstrating their new High Torque Retention knob and a standard retention knob, and showed that the regular knob, when tightened, can distort the small end of the toolholder enough to stop .002” short of seating in the machine spindle. The J&M retention knob did not affect the toolholder shank. A week later I talked to Dick from my office and asked him if they could look at the holder and see what was wrong with it. They sent it back to me with one of their knob installed. I had one of my salesmen give it back to my customer. The customer checked the run out and he said it was perfect. I have asked J&M to allow me to sell their products in Puerto Rico. I know I can solve many problems with their High Torque Retention Knobs
    Jose Rotger, President
    Rotger Industrial Services, Inc.

  4. Briney is pleased to announce we are currently in the process of switching our tool holders over to precision pilot. Briney’s decision was based on our own internal findings and the fact that Briney has historically chosen quality processes and materials over profits. Briney only uses certified materials. Our carbon hardened tools have twice the case depth as the majority of our competition. Briney’s vacuum hardened tools feature our proprietary Nu-Heat process developed in our state of the art heat treat facility. Our taper shanks are of the highest quality. 85% or more of our tapers inspect within AT1.5 (due to our processes) and Briney guarantees AT3. Briney believes that the precision pilot program will be another excellent addition to our quality features and that the coupling of our tool holders with J&M’s Hi-Torque retention knobs will really go a long ways for saving our customers both time and money. At Briney we are committed to reducing our customers’ operational costs, not to selling them lots of cheap tools.

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